The worlds of bpost

The worlds of bpost
De werelden van bpost

we are bpost

Welcome to the worlds of bpost group. Where more than 34,000 proud colleagues with 500 distinct job titles bring more than five million people together every day. In a warm and open environment with a surprising number of opportunities and challenges.

Peter Post
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Follow our colleague Steven every Wednesday on Radio2!

Stien & Wim
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Trainee and mentor. An insight into the unique ‘interaction’ during a Group Traineeship at bpost.

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bpost helps you secure your new job through IBO

100% respect
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Be 100% yourself at bpost

Gender diversity
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Changing the culture of gender bias

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Working at bpost? Thanks to ACTISOC it offers even more advantages!

Post office

At the Turnhout cluster, collegiality is the glue that binds people and offices together.

Ressources Humaines bpost
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Apply for a job at bpost: all roads lead to HR ...

Inclusive leadership
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Inclusive Leadership - what does that mean?

Sorting center employee
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People to machines: Interview with a well-oiled LSM team

Parcel delivery woman
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Teamwork brings us closer together: “Sticking around because of the nice colleagues!”

Call center agent
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What can we do for you?

Aguibou Diallo
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Shaping the future of bpost...

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What’s up doc?

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Stamp designer Geert Wille puts his stamp on your stamps!

Financial expert
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A sea of opportunity: Joran Branders on his career change

Elke Segers

A varied programme: Elke Segers on XandY and the opportunities that have come her way

Katrien & Tatjana

The strength of (b)post? Tatjana and Katrien could write a book on this topic!

Kim & Britt
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Because twins do everything together ... A 'double interview' with Kim and Britt!


A student job at bpost: nothing but benefits! 

Group traineeship

CEO of bpost or Minister of Sport? A Group Traineeship opens up so many possibilities ...

Landmark Global Canada
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Transformation and improvement


“bpost is great for me!” Peter on the job day that changed his life


A day in the life of a working student at bpost


Behind the scenes as a postman or truck driver

Learn about our colleagues’ daily lives through influencers

youca action days

Youca action day

On Thursday 21 October, the Youca Action Day took place: more than 70 enthusiastic students spent a day in our various departments!

Leadership stories

Leadership Stories

At bpost group, we are very proud of the work and investment of all our employees. bpost group represents more than 34,000 employees worldwide. These employees work every day to build the future of all postal and e-commerce operators.



bpost is a company in the midst of a huge transformation. That’s only been accentuated by the exceptional period we are experiencing together at the moment. A period in which wave was followed by wave, characterized, by turns, by strict lockdowns, rollbacks and new prospects. That these changes have a big impact on employees is unavoidable.

ambassadeur bpost Helena

Postwoman Helena came out as a woman and was given full support

17 May is International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia The rainbow flag at Centre Monnaie/Muntcentrum symbolizes bpost’s commitment to giving everyone equal opportunities. More than words, it’s actions that count. “And I’m incredibly grateful to bpost for that. When I came out as transgender I received the full support of management and all the colleagues in the mail center,” says postwoman Helena Vanmelkebeke (47).

helden van bpost

28 April is World Superheroes Day.

28 April is World Superheroes Day. A day to celebrate the people we look up to. That list includes Superman and Batman, of course. But there are people who go that extra mile to help others in our everyday lives too. During this pandemic, across bpost group, we see heroes everywhere. People who pull out all the stops to provide excellent service to our customers.

studentenjob bpost

"A wonderful working atmosphere, an attractive salary and great guidance"

It is almost that time of the year. Soon, we will welcome thousands of students at bpost. During the summer months, they will be joining our teams in the mail centres, sorting centres and retail offices to carry out the job of postman/woman, commercial assistant, warehouse worker or sorter.

bpost chauffeur
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International Women's Day @ bpostgroup

Today, on International Women's Day, we would like to put the faces of bpost in the spotlight.

Still very happy that chose bpost

Still very happy that I chose bpost

After graduating in Applied Economics and Strategic Management, Emily went in search of her first professional experience. She started as a Finance Trainee at bpost and now works in our Sales & Marketing department.

I’m more proud of my job than ever

I’m more proud of my job than ever

More than 34,000 employees – from sorter to delivery staff – work hard every day to ensure that a letter, parcel or card sent with love makes your day more convenient, more friendly and more fun. Postman Keanu (26) embodies the enthusiasm and drive of bpost people as much as anyone.

Thanks to bpost I earned my diploma and was able to become a team leader
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Thanks to bpost I earned my diploma

Do you need a secondary school diploma to make a nice career for yourself? It certainly helps, although motivation and an inquisitive mind are just as valuable. Shara and Abdellah’s journey at bpost are proof of that. They were given the opportunity to earn their secondary school diploma, with the full backing of bpost.

Short-schooled or not, at bpost everyone is given opportunities
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Short-schooled or not, at bpost everyone is given opportunities

Our story is a we-story. We are an inclusive employer and encourage diversity. At bpost everyone who wants it is given opportunities and the space to grow, everyone has a place.

Why I feel right at home at bpost as a data specialist
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Why I feel right at home at bpost as a data specialist

“bpost is in the midst of a complete metamorphosis. The old perceptions are no longer valid. Data provides useful insights and helps people make strategic decisions in every part of the company.” - Joren Blontrock, bpost Business Analyst

At bpost you have freedom and responsibility, even without work experience

At bpost you have freedom and responsibility, even without work experience

A job at bpost as a young graduate? You keep all your options open, get a taste of everything and pick the pathway that suits you best. Because bpost gives young people – with or without work experience – the opportunity to develop their personal interests into an exciting job.

Giving and taking opportunities is the essence of our inclusion and diversity policy
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Giving and taking opportunities is the essence of our inclusion and diversity policy

bpost group wants to be an inclusive employer and encourages diversity. Everyone is given opportunities and space to grow at bpost group. "Being able to make a contribution in my role as a project manager is a dream, because diversity and inclusion are personally very close to my heart."