The worlds of bpost

the worlds of bpost
les univers de bpost

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“The postman/package deliverer is an early bird, of course. As a fitness fan, my free afternoons give me plenty of time to practice my hobby. Not to mention an attractive salary package" – Keanu

Student Job

Are you 17 years old or older and would you like to earn some pocket money for your vacations, your studies or to pamper your lover? Then opt for a student job at bpost as a postman/parcel deliveryman, commercial employee, sorter or warehouse employee!

Truck driver

How would you like to work in your area, enjoy great freedom and sleep in your own bed? Find out now if a permanent job as a truck driver at bpost is right for you!

Truck Driver

"I'm very happy to work as a truck driver at bpost, because driving gives me a blissful feeling of freedom every day." - Martine

Jobs by domain

Jobs in logistiek

Jobs in logistics

Things move fast at bpost. Not least in our high-tech sorting centres, at Operations and at Engineering & Technology. Thousands of colleagues ensure that millions of items arrive at their destination every day.

Jobs near you

Jobs near you

Post·wo·men, commercial assistants, drivers. No one has a closer relationship with our customers. They are a familiar face, the face of bpost, out in the communities. Delivering 8 million letters and parcels every day.

Jobs at the head office

Jobs at the head office

Stimulating jobs and challenging projects are the fast track to growth and innovation. In an environment that is changing as rapidly as the world around us. Looking for a job in IT , Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Facility,…? Welcome!

Jobs for starters

Jobs for starters

A student job, internship or traineeship? If you’re into self-discovery, there’s no world quite as wide, stimulating and surprising as ours. You can try everything while keeping all your options open. We give you the opportunity to develop your personal interests into an exciting job or internship, with or without work experience.

Why choose bpost?

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You get a chance to show what you can do

No matter how fast the world changes, with us you are welcome to show who you are and what you can do. With more than 500 different jobs, we have everything you need to keep you engaged. And to become your best self by seizing the opportunities that match your interests.

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In an open and trusted environment

At bpost, you’ll soon feel at ease wherever you end up. We do this with an open mind and doors, our strength lies in our diversity and in the trust in each other.

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In a job that connects millions of people

Whatever your function, with us you have an impact on society. Every day - today more than ever - we bring letters and parcels to the right destination. And in doing so, we also bring people closer together.

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