Shaping the future of bpost...

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Aguibou Diallo
Aguibou Diallo

Shaping the future of bpost...

A career at bpost holds many surprises. An example? Starting out in a sorting centre and ending up as an auto-CAD draughtsman. After 25 years with bpost? Uh, no: after only 6 months! Meet Aguibou Diallo who tells us more about his unusual career path...


Hello Aguibou. First of all, can you tell us what the job of an auto-CAD draughtsman consists of?

Aguibou: “It’s actually quite simple. Our team is responsible for designing all construction, development and redevelopment projects, including mail centres and post offices. We do this in close cooperation with the project leaders.

When we work on a large project – such as a mail centre, for example – we start by analysing it in detail, then we draw the building in broad outlines. After this, an architect is in charge of taking over the dossier, obtaining building permits and monitoring the construction site with our services.”

“Once all the administrative steps have been completed, the project is submitted to a validation board made up of various bpost managers. Following approval, the construction phase can begin.”
Aguibou Diallo


How did you get to this position? What was your previous role at bpost?

Aguibou: “In 2019, via Actiris, I applied to work at the Kortenberg mail sorting and sorting centre. After a short training course, I received a postman’s uniform and distributed mail and parcels for 6 months.”


Oh yes, that’s different!

Aguibou: “That’s true, but I really liked it too. In the morning, after working at the sorting office with my colleagues, I would leave with my van containing the mail, the parcels and my bike, and I would go and do my mailman rounds near Kraainem. It was quite nice. During this period, I came across an online advertisement from bpost, which was looking to hire a project leader.”


So that’s how you changed jobs?

Aguibou: “Not quite, because when I applied for the job, the position was unfortunately no longer available. Luckily, my contact person told me that there was another position available at the bpost Drawing Office (D.O.). This was ideal for me, as I had studied engineering. In fact, I have a degree in civil engineering.”


And so you are back in your favourite field...

Aguibou: “Indeed, because before joining bpost, I worked in a construction design office. But that was in Africa, a few years ago. In short, I did a series of tests and I was immediately selected for this position. So in November 2019, I left the sorting centre in Kortenberg to start my new role.”

“Mail distribution, draughtsman... each job has its own peculiarities. But in the end, we all work for the same company.”
Aguibou Diallo


And your colleagues in the sorting centre? Not too disappointed to see you leave?

Aguibou: “They were really nice guys, I got on well with them. But they didn’t want to let me go, they thought I was going to take it easy in an office (laughs). But they soon realised that it was just a different job, that in the end we’re all in the same boat. And besides, at the end of the year – a period that leaves little free time for everyone working at the sorting centres – I always join them to give them a hand for one or two weeks (laughs).”


Do you feel that you have found a job with a good life balance?

Aguibou: “In that respect, working in a sorting center was really perfect. It was not uncommon for me to finish my shift around 12:30 or 1:00, so I could spend the afternoon with the children. Of course, I used to start much earlier, around 6.30 in the morning (laughs). Now it’s more traditional hours, but it suits me just fine.”


What do you like most about your new job?

Aguibou: “First of all, I work in a great team. And when you’re lucky enough to have a job with team spirit, where you get on well with your colleagues, that’s a real plus. Besides, it’s a job I studied for, that I know well and where I feel perfectly at home.”

“bpost is a great company where you meet great people, both in terms of direct colleagues and those across different levels.”
Aguibou Diallo


You obviously like your job. What would you say to a young – or not so young – person who would like to make a career at bpost?

Aguibou: “bpost offers fun careers that pay well. Working at bpost is great, but it’s like anything else: you have to be courageous and motivated. The beginning is a bit difficult, but if you stick with it, it’s really worth it. Especially since it is very easy to move around within the group and no one is tied to a position or function for life. The career prospects that are open to everyone are therefore very interesting.”


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