"A wonderful working atmosphere, an attractive salary and great guidance"

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bpost studentenjob

"A wonderful working atmosphere, an attractive salary and great guidance"

It is almost that time of the year. Soon, we will welcome thousands of students at bpost. During the summer months, they will be joining our teams in the mail centres, sorting centres and retail offices to carry out the job of postman/woman, commercial assistant, warehouse worker or sorter.

For many young people, a student job is their first experience in the business world. It opens important doors to an unknown world. It will also answer a lot of questions: How do I work in a team? How do I give and receive feedback? How do I act in a business context? A student job is also a valuable and relevant work experience that can be presented during job interviews, which is greatly appreciated by many employers.

We are therefore pleased to be able to offer students the opportunity to discover a large company from the inside. Many of these students are, by the way, children of our own employees. We visited our colleague Virginie and her son Nathan, who told their story:


Our colleague Virginie, Market Intelligence expert at bpost since 2013 and mother of Nathan since 2002, worked for 17 years at a market research company where bpost was her main client. "Attracted by the important role bpost plays in society and a job near home, I decided to resign from my job to further explore the world of mail. I don't regret it, I really love my job."

Virginie now works at home because of the crisis. "My days are particular because I have been teleworking for over a year. I am looking forward to returning to my colleagues and the working atmosphere in the office." Because Virginie works at the head office of bpost, she wanted Nathan to seize the opportunity to get to know other aspects of bpost. Nathan says he regularly buys online and he was curious about what happens to his packages behind the scenes. I have been working as a student at bpost for 2 years and I enjoy spending my school holidays at NBX, bpost's largest parcel sorting centre. My mother regularly talked about the heroes of bpost and what they achieve every day for the customers. I am glad that I got to know many of them thanks to my student job.”

A job at bpost does require some motivation and perseverance. As is turns out, that’s one of the reasons why there is a great match between Nathan and the job: “I am full of energy. In my free time, I express this by playing football (something I have been doing at a semi-professional level for two years). That energy also comes in handy at bpost, because it's hard work as some parcels are very heavy. By the way, I was really surprised to see all that is ordered on the Internet: trampolines, lawnmowers and high pressure cleaners, but also flowers in a vase filled with water (I doubt whether this vase reached the recipient without problems).”

This is a physical and challenging, that’s a given. At bpost, we therefore attach great importance to achieving a good balance. We want colleagues to feel at home at bpost, and that they are optimally supported. Nathan also confirms this. “The wonderful working atmosphere, a good salary and great guidance fully compensate this for me. All the colleagues are very nice and we are welcomed and guided very well. Another plus of my student job is the variety. Every day I learn something new and get to see other aspects of the sorting centre. The great diversity among the colleagues also makes the work and the contact with each other very interesting and enormously enriching. I realise that it is very valuable to be able to gain experience in such an environment.”

See you soon at bpost Nathan!