HR Business Expert - Learning & Development


HR Business Digital Expert (Réf.9920)


Bpost is a dynamic and enterprising BEL 20 company with major development plans. Our company, which was a state-owned company active in a non-liberalized market, has become a listed company focused on diversifying products and services and innovation. In addition to the traditional postal mail and parcel business, we continue to differentiate our offer and develop new solutions. In addition, we expand and diversify through our activities abroad. In short, bpost is a business in motion. Our way of working and progress is also important: Lean, Agile and Flexibility are the key words of our organization. In addition, we are also a company where the human aspects make the difference. Our 25,000 employees together form our future. The projects are promising and we look forward to new colleagues to complete all these plans. That's why we aim for level professionals to carry out these specific missions.
To strengthen our Learning & Development department, we are looking for a

Objectif de la fonction

The position is responsible for the systems and processes relay to HR talent and development management. It has a strong understanding of digital system capabilities and functionalities. The position collaborates with other members of the people development team and next to that internal IT, HR Business analysts, vended technology partners and other stakeholders to resolve functionality problems. He/she understands HR processes and seeks out tool solutions to meet business needs.
As an HR business expert – Digital Learning and development - you will drive customization of our digital technology investments to deliver a customer-grade experience adapted to people, roles and personas in order to build together with other HR business experts, a coherent Learning & Development plan & strategy.

Tâches & responsabilités

  • Design digital solutions
    • You will deliver digital learning solutions that contribute to the learning plan of bpost, by designing and creating both digital learning materials and digital support & systems.
    • Those designs will be persuasive and change orientated in order to drive interest and adoption
    • You will develop and maintain, in close partnership with HR Business Experts, valuable training guides & educational materials thanks to your thorough understanding of HR processes ( Performance, Learning, Onboarding, Internal Mobility,…)
    • You will participate at external networking event and industry expertise forums and stay up to date of best practices in order adapt internal solutions where needed.
  • Adapt & improve digital solutions
    • Thanks to a continuous exchange with project stakeholders you will collect content, key learning objectives and feedback in order to adapt and improve digital learning solutions.
    • You will assure risks and issues analyze and run testing before launching systems or improvement to existing systems
    • You will lead HR technologies releases & system refreshes together with IT specialists : coordinating and communicating key dates, facilitating stakeholder reviews and supporting in activating new enhancements.
    • You will maintain and improve the current Learning Management system.
  • Give support
    • You will support and consult different business stakeholders, together with the people development team on technology projects, new enhancements and features.
    • You will support HR technology program governance activities and project portfolio management including intake and prioritization of new project demand.
    • You will stay up to date with internal system changes and understand full functionality and behavior of software to troubleshoot problems and provide full support to end users


  • Experience with planning, designing and delivering Digital learning materials in order to meet learning objectives.
  • Strong understanding of digital training and learning interventions and methods
  • Knowledge and ability to deliver learning solutions that fit for purpose and are well received by all 25,000+ learners of bpost
  • Knowledge of HR methods, process & technology platforms
  • Flexible, able to quickly respond to changes.
  • Strong project management skills
  • Effective communication and organization skills
  • Creativity and logic


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