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Enterprise Architect

Emplacement : Bruxelles


bpost is always on the move. We create an environment for our people with challenging projects, inspiring collaborations, and the latest technologies, with interesting job opportunities and training programs for every employee.

Within this context, we are looking for an Enterprise Architect.

Your mission

The Enterprise Architect’s role is to support bpost in making well-informed strategic IT decisions that are in line with the long-term strategy.

Therefore, (s)he works closely with different business and IT stakeholders throughout the project portfolio management life cycle to ensure that they are all working towards common goals.

These common goals are obtained by co-creating a plan on how the organization should evolve over time, by using an uniform language and designing a set of principles for discussing and evaluating technology initiatives.

About the job

As an enterprise architect, your main responsibilities will be the following:

  • Developing and maintaining an enterprise architecture framework by creating a set of standards and guidelines for the organization's IT systems to can be used to discuss and evaluate initiatives.
  • Support in arbitration of decisions in programs & projects by challenging initiatives and guarantee that they are in line with the overall architecture. This includes review of the solution designs for correctness and consistency with architectural principles, advising on architectural questions and contributing actively to the architecture community of practice.
  • Building a roadmap for the organization's IT systems on the mid- to long-term for the implementation and integration of new technologies as well as ensuring that all IT systems are aligned with the overall business objectives and strategy. The design should be flexible to allow adaptation to changing business needs. You will collaborate with other architects to design architectural solutions that are fit for purpose and guarantee the best maintainability and scalability of the landscape.
  • Managing relationships with key stakeholders within the organization, such as business leaders and IT staff, to ensure that their needs and expectations are met. It may also involve collaborating with external vendors and partners.
  • Analyzing the current state of the organization's IT systems and identifying areas for improvement or modernization.
  • Build and maintain the architecture repository. This is a central location where information about the architecture of the IT landscape is maintained and can be consulted. This can include system documentation, architecture diagrams, models, cost information, info from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), etc. You will support in keeping this repository up to date in the (architecture) tools that serve these purposes.

These will be executed in collaboration with the other architects in the team. You will be supported and coached by experienced architects that will help you grow in this role.

Your profile

You will be trained & coached in developing the necessary hard skills. Therefore, we put the emphasis on your motivation and soft skills as these will be key in taking up the role of architect. If you aspire a job as architect, it is important that you recognize yourself in the following:

·       You are looking for a new challenge and are willing to put in the time and effort to grow in the role of architect. This means daring to put yourself out of your comfort zone and broaden your knowledge on a variety of topics.

·       You have a strong interest in both business and IT topics and want to function as a bridge between both.

·       You have excellent communication and collaboration skills as you will need to listen, collaborate, and negotiate with various stakeholders (technical, operational or general management) on a variety of topics.

o   You are able to adjust your communication to your audience as you will be interacting with stakeholders that have different levels of technical knowledge.

o   You can explain complex topics in a simple and holistic way.

o   You are  proactive in communication with your stakeholders to get a feeling what keeps them up at night and can identify possible issues before they even arise.

·       You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills as you will be advising on complex topics crossing different functional domains within bpost.

·       You have strong project and organization management skills as you will be involved in different projects at the same time and need to keep an overview of what is ongoing and prioritize accordingly.

Les prochaines étapes

Les prochaines étapes

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