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Sorter - Lummen

Location : Limburg

Are you the sorter we are looking for?

8 million letters and parcels a day? They don't find their way to 5.6 million addresses in Belgium by themselves. It all starts with our sorters who make sure that every single one goes the right way.

Your day-to-day job



You will sort different types of letters and packages. Sometimes by hand, sometimes by machine with our sorting machines and scanners.


Order and Accuracy

In everything you do, you invariably pay attention to order and accuracy.


You work in shifts

Each sorting center has a morning, afternoon and night shift.

Your profile

  • You are 18 or older.
  • You are physically able to carry loads.
  • You have followed at least primary education.

Exclusive look behind the scenes

A virtual visit to our sorting center

Start your visit

The next steps

The next steps

You apply for the job
You have a contact with our recruitment partner
You find out if the function is made for you
You start working!
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