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Innovation Partnership Expert

Location : Brussels



bpost is always on the move. We create an environment for our people with challenging projects, inspiring collaborations and the latest technologies, with interesting job opportunities and training programs for every employee.

Within this context, we are looking for an Innovation Partnership Expert who will help bpost better understand it’s public client’s needs.


About the job

As Innovation Partnership Expert, you will :

1.     Review and map the Business Processes as-is:


- Defining start and end points, launches and opportunities for improvement


- Describing steps, lead times, RACI


2.     Define and develop new Business Processes necessary for achieving business objectives:


- Coordinate interdepartmental consultation (e.g. organize working groups)


- Determine KPIs, draw up SLAs (possibly with the help of market comparisons)


- Evaluation of the improvements by carrying out cost-benefit analyses and prioritizing improvement initiatives


3.     Implement the new Business Processes (possibly accompanied by new policies, standards and procedures):


- Developing a plan of action and a roadmap


- Follow-up of the development, design and architecture


- Formulate recommendations


- Review deliverables and change requests


4.     Monitor the proper implementation of the Processes:


- Plan, organize, direct, monitor and correct predefined tasks


- Assure the good quality after intermediate evaluation


- Adjusting and optimizing if necessary, as the final responsible party


- Continuous improvement of his process based on monitoring and adjustment of KPI's, from there determine action plans within the framework of a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Cycle


5.     Coordinate the start-up and implementation of new working methods, new product methodologies and new IT systems and technologies:


- Defining functionalities in the context of the possible automation of processes


- Defining and following up the implementation of the ICT tools necessary for guiding these processes (negotiation with an impact on the budgets for these tools)


6.     Coordinate cross-departmental consultations:


- Organize documentation, and training within the Business


- Coordinate communication to the members of the Process (Design) team


- Steering a Process (Design) team and the Business Architects


- Influencing the business to co-create Business Processes


- Consultation with other Process Owners/Line Managers


- Participating in Process Governance Platforms


7.     Participating in Corporate Projects as they have an impact on the processes


- Continuously informing themselves about the impact of the Business Processes on all projects


- Provide cooperation and input where necessary.

Your profile

  • Master degree
  • Required experience for the position: 5 years (Junior) ; up to 10 years (Full); above 10 years (Senior)
  • Language skills : Fluent in Dutch and French, good knowedge of English
  • Knowledge of project management methodology
  • Knowledge of change management methodology
  • Knowledge of methods related to process analysis, process mapping and process re-engineering
  • Knowledge of computer applications to support process reengineering.
  • Knowledge of methodologies for documenting processes

Why bpost?

Like many other companies, we offer a nice package of benefits in addition to a monthly salary, including a company car, meal vouchers, hospitalisation insurance, group insurance, disability insurance, a bonus, 20 days' leave and 7 extra statutory leave days, an end-of-year bonus, double holiday pay, a lump-sum reimbursement of expenses and many benefits for more than 100 bpost partners.


Next to Belgium’s leading postal operator, bpost is of course also an important parcel and e-commerce logistics provider in Europe, North-America and Asia. We deliver mail and parcels to millions of doorsteps and provide logistic services to businesses and consumers.


Is the vacancy above something for you? Then you're definitely someone who cares, who dares and who likes to work together. Because at bpost Parcels & Logistics…


…we care. bpost has always acted as a kind of link between people, societies and companies. Due to digitization, there is less contact between people, but our connecting and ubiquitous role has never been stronger. In addition to the important social services bpost provides, we are also one of the largest employers of short-schooled employees, offering them the opportunity to graduate from secondary school. You’ll have an impact on society and everyone in it.


…we dare. In an economy that forces us to evolve at lighting speed, we think and act fast. We work on short-term projects, since we don't know what tomorrow will bring. We're decision-makers. We’re flexible. We think internationally (while our heart is in Belgium). And we work faster and more efficiently every day through robotization and automation. Because you’ll be working for the growth engine of the group.


…we work together. All the above with the realization that we're not alone. With over 34,000 employees in Belgium and across the globe, you will work in an environment that is driven by people. And our chain is only as strong as its weakest link (yes, cliche buster). That’s why we are permanently connected to the business and the teams on the ground. The human dimension is of great importance within our company, at all levels. We invest in machines, but we are built on people. They are the strength of our business.





The next steps

The next steps

You apply for the job
You get to know bpost thanks to your recruiter
You meet your manager and you discover the job
You start working!
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