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Communications and community expert

Location : Brussels

The goal

bpost is always on the move. We create an environment for our people with challenging projects, inspiring collaborations and the latest technologies, with interesting job opportunities and training programs for everyone.

Throughout Belgium, many young people are unemployed and will need to acquire new skills in the coming years in order to meet the challenges posed by an ever-evolving labor market. This is why Bpost is launching a new program to offer students, unemployed and employed people quality learning pathways that will enable them to meet these challenges.

With bpost boost! we continue to invest in the growth of our employees as well as in the training and guidance of jobseekers to guide them to a job at bpost or another employer in a Belgian growth sector - in order to take up our role as a socially responsible employer to offer lifelong learning opportunities and promote the inclusion of each of us in society.

Do you have experience as a marketer and communication specialist in an agency, NGO or start-up company with a focus on HR or personal development? We think of employer organizations, trade unions, VDAB, universities, CVO's or schools where you as a marketing and communication expert rolled out campaigns for example. Also experience as a communication expert towards minority groups or employees with a distance from the labor market is very valuable to us.

Are these areas of focus something for you?

Flexible strategist

Of course, we want to put our new activities and our socially responsible activities on the map and reach different populations. Just think of governments and employers, but also alumni and students. You start all-round marketing activities and communication campaigns in collaboration with our communication team and you keep a close eye on the ROI of the different campaigns. In addition, you take care of the development of marketing materials and are autonomously responsible for the maintenance of the various communication channels on and offline.

Setting up a community

Our program can only be successful with a strong community of committed students. From the start of the program to graduation, we ensure a strong community that keeps our students engaged. We communicate directly with them through various digital communication tools and do regular pulse checks to measure student engagement.

Internal communication

Our communication material has been around for a long time and can be scrutinized. It will be your task to make an inventory of what exists, after which you will start a clear marketing and communication strategy to inform our internal employees sufficiently about our activities.

Your profile

It goes without saying that as a Communication and Community Expert you are a strong networker with an innate interest in all-round marketing and communication. However, we would like to emphasize the things below:

·       In order to be able to manage the marketing and communication around the launch of bpost boost it is better to have a few years on the counter anyway, ideally we are looking at candidates with 5 years of experience.

·       You get energy from communication at different levels (from letter carrier to management) and can flawlessly translate your strategy into concrete useful examples with tangible results.

·       You are proficient in SEO, social media trends, content and platforms.

·       You like to have impact (the projects you work on have a lot of visibility throughout the entire organization)

·       You are analytical and can say what the ROI was for almost every campaign.

·       You are fluent in Dutch, French and English. You not only speak those languages, but your written communication is also of a very high level.

·       Thanks to your creativity and graphic knowledge (Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign) you can turn the craziest ideas into beautiful campaigns.

Finally, our program is of crucial social importance. It is important that everyone in the team is socially committed and wants to make a difference for our current and future students.

Why bpost ?

Just like many other companies, we offer, in addition to a monthly salary, a nice package of benefits, including a car, a bonus, meal vouchers, hospitalization insurance, group insurance, disability insurance, 27 days' leave, an end-of-year bonus, double vacation pay and many benefits with more than 100 partners of bpost.

This is what really distinguishes us:

·       Decisions are made here in Belgium. At the same time, you are part of an international story, thanks to our many activities in Europe and Asia.

·       You end up in a company in full change. Admittedly, this creates some complexity, but above all a lot of challenge and innovative projects.

·       The atmosphere, the collegiality and the friendly bpost culture is unique. And we'll prove it.

·       You can focus 100% on your job, with optimal support from all our internal services.

·       You get a lot of autonomy and flexibility, which we make concrete with our homework policy.

·       You will enter an enormous growth trajectory, thanks to the many training programs and career opportunities at one of the largest employers in Belgium.

As an international service provider of parcel and e-commerce logistics, we create real connections between millions of people, companies and communities. Our team of +34,000 employees is our greatest asset in this story. Thanks to them, we continue to play a key role in our rapidly changing society.

The next steps

The next steps

You apply for the job
You get to know bpost thanks to your recruiter
You meet your manager and you discover the job
You start working!

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